Tojásos puncs


4 dl tej

3 cl rum

3 tojás

8 dkg cukor

1 rúd vanília

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  1. http://www./

    in the rules and disqualified the votes? The problem lies in the fact that you say in the official rules that votes that are made with multiple machines will be disqualified, yet you have absolutely no way to know which votes are made with multiple machines, due to negligence with your choice of voting platforms.What do you have to say about the fact that additional contestants admitted to using other browsers but you didn’t disqualify them? What’s the rationale?

  2. Bert

    Thanks JJ. When you read that statement on it’s own: Changing the Lens, even out of context of the story I used it in, it sounds pretty powerful. Maybe that should have been the title .. Ah well, th;7#&e821res always next time.

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    will be putting together a special post on my use of the use of plastic tubing to explain it’s value. Not everything is at it seems, and I am sure you won’t come back to actually read the blog and that it’s nothing to do with honey bee getting stuck in tubes… but I guess I should thank you for taking the time to comment. Link to blog post coming soon.

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